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So much can change in such a short space of time. During these unprecedented times, never have we felt more together in our experiences with the Solillas Tribe across the world. Together in embracing our new routines, looking to become more self sufficient. Time to reflect, time to look to the future, time to truly embrace what we have now and time to look after those around us that need it most. 

Solillas is our family business and it our duty to protect those that are part of our community. We work from home a lot of time and so this now becomes our new normal for us and our head office team. Although we're very used to it, we're not so used to having our bambinos by our side all day everyday and juggling our new roles of teachers! 

Our online store is open. Our warehouse team are unable to work from home, however they are following stringent hygiene and social distancing guidelines in line with the government advice. 

Whilst we know your holiday plans may have changed, what doesn't change is the days are getting longer and Spring will arrive. As we often say, rise above the storm and you'll find the sunshine.

Let us bring the sunshine to you, and together let's share those rays as much as we can. From memories of beautiful holidays to your Staycation wardrobe ... show us what makes you smile. #SolDeSolillas

Over the winter period we have been working on our new designs for this Spring. We're so excited to reveal them to you. Our incredible craftsmen in Menorca and Spain have brought them to life and very soon we will be sharing these with you, combined with glimpses of Solillas at Home! Follow #SolillasEnCasa

Whilst a new pair of shoes may not be crucial right now, we know you and your feet might appreciate something new and to say an extra special thank you for your support and love we'll also send you one of our huge round towels when you order a full price pair. A treat for when the staycation commences. 

Stay safe.

Lots of love,

SJ & Jonnie xxx